Student Complaint Process


In accordance with the Higher Learning Commission Policy FDCR.A.10.030 - Institutional Records of Student Complaints, in August 2018 Auxiliary Business Services at Indiana University Bloomington has established the following procedures for addressing student complaints. We will annually review data to identify any trends/issues that warrant further investigation, revision to existing policies, etc.

Indiana University is required by law to share information about the complaints with its accrediting agency, the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Individual identities will not be revealed without the express permission of the complainant or as required by law. Information on these issues is to be compiled by the Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education (OVPUE) for accreditations purposes.

The Student Complaint Process

This process is for an individual who

  • is currently enrolled full- or part-time, or
  • recently enrolled at the university in the previous two semesters when the issue/situation first occurred, or
  • is an alumnus who earned a degree from the university in the previous two semesters when the issue/situation first occurred.

The complaint must be initiated and guided by the affected student and the complaint form must be signed and submitted by the affected student. Parents, family members, employers and others are welcome to contact the auxiliary unit in question for assistance and support in addressing concerns related to the complaint.

This complaint process is not

  • a request for a decision regarding a disputed financial charge, housing assignment change, or
  • an appeal to re-examine a decision made by an auxiliary department or unit, or
  • a grievance of an existing complaint resolution process.

Step Two

If attempts to resolve a situation with the department or unit concerned are unsatisfactory or unacceptable, the student affected may file a complaint with Auxiliary Business Services to request a review.

Once a complaint is received, the student will be contacted by a staff member who will investigate the complaint and attempt to resolve the situation in question.

Submit a complaint